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Sirett, Koniuk & Oriana: romance on the road

This weekend I went out of town to see a concert while processing this weekend’s great tempo rubato. Daylight Savings Time appropriates an hour from our lives that will only be given back half a year from now. I figured … Continue reading

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That sound is of course something you hear when you’re not doing it. If you’re asleep you can’t hear snores.  Your snore might wake you up. If you’re living with someone who does snore, and you are hearing this sound? … Continue reading

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Vanderdecken among the zombies: Wajdi Mouawad’s Abduction

I had a second look & listen to Wajdi Mouawad’s Abduction from the Seraglio,  my second time coming in the closing performance of the run with the Canadian Opera Company at the Four Seasons Centre. I wanted to reflect on what … Continue reading

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Frisch takes us Over the Rainbow

Sometimes we read a book to learn something, to discover answers to questions. And sometimes we read simply to get lost in the conversation. Walter Frisch is taking me on one of those latter sorts of journeys in his 2017 … Continue reading

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Ave atque vale 2017

Ave atque vale 2017.   And thank goodness the year is ending. While it may have included some celebratory moments –the Sesquicentennial of Canadian Confederation and my father’s 100th birthday—I felt a grim shadow hanging over everything. Can there be any … Continue reading

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Singalong Messiah

I took advantage of the free fares on the TTC (celebrating the extension on Line 1) to ride downtown to Massey Hall for my first Tafelmusik Singalong Messiah in 20 years or more. And it’s the last one for awhile … Continue reading

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Makeover or decay, vocally and otherwise

I’m preparing to sing something and I am afraid it — that I– will sound terrible. Ah this blog, it’s a big public diary, my therapy. These gut level perceptions in the moment without too much reflection, are assembled after … Continue reading

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