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Voices to discover

The media give us interfaces with the arts.  Yes, we can go see plays, concerts & operas in person.  But what are the credentials of those voices on TV, radio, in newspapers and elsewhere?  We’ve all heard that  line “those … Continue reading

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Creature to Creature

Talisker Players’ program themed around the animal kingdom titled “Creature to Creature” was better than expected. I should explain, because I love Talisker.  Why lower expectations?  Classical programs using music about animals usually condescend. Such compositions –however excellent—are relegated to … Continue reading

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The Miller and his Wife

There were two distinct parts to Puppetmongers’ shows today.   First came the magic, then the magicians –Ann and David Powell—explained their tricks. The program is among their oldest works.  The Miller was first presented in 1974 and its sequel The … Continue reading

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Pain and meds

The 1980s were a decade of pain.  It was a momentous decade for me including: a marriage the birth of a child a divorce another marriage While lots happened –joyfully and painfully– on the outside, my biggest drama was going … Continue reading

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Sondheim not quite by Sondheim

Marry Me A Little is 75 minutes or so of songs written by Stephen Sondheim.  These are songs that were cut from other shows and then assembled into a play by a bunch of other people.  It’s new at the … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Mary McGeer

Mary McGeer is Artistic Director of Talisker Players Chamber Music, General Manager and principal violist of the Talisker Players Choral Music Orchestra, also principal violist of the Huronia Symphony, and performs with a wide variety of other ensembles in and … Continue reading

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Patrick DeCoste: Dreaming of Bear and Crow

There is a particularly Canadian sensibility that I crave, an attitude that feels all too scarce these days.  I crave a real sense of history, the kind of thing I grew up watching on the CBC & the NFB.  At … Continue reading

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