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Unexpected WWI Cabaret

When I say “World War I” what pops into your head? Mustard gas? Trench warfare: a stalemate in muddy battlefields? In Flanders Fields: a desperately sad poem about honour? A war of attrition? The end of illusions about heroism and … Continue reading

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Gentle Dafne

The Dafne I refer to is not that of Jacopo Peri from 1598, and considered the first opera (for those who might want to make that kind of statement), but Marco da Gagliano’s 1608 setting, also using Ottavio Rinuccini’s libretto. … Continue reading

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Tcherniakov’s Wozzeck

Dmitri Tcherniakov is a brilliant young artist—just approaching his 44th birthday—who designs his own sets & costumes as well as directing his singers.  The DVD I just watched of Alban Berg’s opera Wozzeck was a co-pro. between the Bolshoi Theatre … Continue reading

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Questions about WWI. (Re)Visions of the Aftermath

WWI. (Re)Visions of the Aftermath, presented this week at Theatre Glendon beginning Wednesday February 26, is an exercise in history & story-telling, both onstage and inter-actively through social media. What was World War I? What impact did it have, perhaps still … Continue reading

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ATMA Orlando

I’ve been listening to a recording that deserves recognition.  It’s an ATMA Classics recording of Handel’s Orlando.  Is anyone anywhere recording operas anymore?  Perhaps the question sounds a bit silly, but the health of the classical music industry has been … Continue reading

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The biblical story of Saul is one of the most psychologically complex stories in the Old Testament.  Young David is a humble shepherd brought to soothe the troubled spirit of King Saul with his harp-playing.  Later David surprises everyone by … Continue reading

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COC Ballo voices

Back on February 2nd (aka Groundhog Day: when the cowardly little varmints ran back into their little holes) I had a choice.  I could have gone to see the opening of the Canadian Opera Company’s Ballo in maschera, which purported … Continue reading

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