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Cakes and champagne

She’s not an energizer bunny, but she is still going. My mother has passed her 100th birthday. She received a letter from Queen Elizabeth, congratulating Katherine on the milestone. Let that be an incentive to you, that you might live … Continue reading

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As my mom approaches 100

I must explain the reason for my previous post telling my mom’s stories yesterday: because she was born in 1921. In other words, she’s approaching her one-hundredth birthday. She has had five children although one of them died very young. … Continue reading

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Tales from my Mom

After lunch my mom sometimes tells me tales from her youth. It’s good practice to see if I can understand her Hungarian, and it’s a privilege, a glimpse of another world. ONE)There was a teacher who thought my mom’s rosy … Continue reading

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What Mom taught me

I’m very lucky that my mother is still alive, an amazing example. My dad passed away when I was very young, so my family is matriarchal, lucky for us. I only have 3 or 4 solid memories of my father. … Continue reading

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An omen

On my visit today my mother asked me to bring her a book from another room, which she was going to read later.  And then she pulled out something else and started to read to me in Hungarian, asking me … Continue reading

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Honeymoon Song

Today I visited my Mother’s house after church.  I had stayed late  for a rehearsal of the big piece we’re performing in April, namely  Ernest Bloch’s Sacred Service. It’s funny how things sometimes seem to follow patterns, whether in reality … Continue reading

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