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Hallelujah Sellars

Hallelujah Junction is: 1) A place. When John Adams went there –so he said recently—he figured that it would make a great title for… 2) A musical composition. And so it came to pass, a composition for two pianos. And … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Michael Mori

Michael Mori was announced as the new Artistic Director of Tapestry Opera earlier this year. Having worked alongside Tapestry founder, Wayne Strongman for two years as Associate Artistic Director and for the past eight months as Artistic Director Designate, this … Continue reading

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I’d like to call the Canadian Art Song Project a recent initiative, but I think the truth is that they’ve been around since 2011 and so I’m late to the party. Today was my first encounter with CASP. They were … Continue reading

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Any interpreter

Am I like everyone else? Could be. I know people who get bored with music, are incessantly searching for new tunes, new interpretations, new sensations.  I don’t use that B word, which strikes me as a kind of obscenity.  How … Continue reading

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American Hustle

It should be better.  The performances are mostly good.  Christian Bale is amazing with a surprisingly big gut and a comb-over, channelling the Robert De Niro of Raging Bull.  Yes, we’re told, Amy Adams can act.  This is the sexiest … Continue reading

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Pesky Porter raccoons

I had a conflict of interest, I’ll state it right off the bat.  I love flying to New York on Porter airlines.  As a resident of Scarborough it doesn’t make that much difference going to Billy Bishop Airport on the … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Laura Pudwell

Laura Pudwell’s reputation as a superb vocalist has been well-established as a result of her performances worldwide, in a vast repertoire ranging from early music to contemporary works. I’ve been watching her engaging performances for many years, fascinated by her … Continue reading

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Voices to discover

The media give us interfaces with the arts.  Yes, we can go see plays, concerts & operas in person.  But what are the credentials of those voices on TV, radio, in newspapers and elsewhere?  We’ve all heard that  line “those … Continue reading

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Creature to Creature

Talisker Players’ program themed around the animal kingdom titled “Creature to Creature” was better than expected. I should explain, because I love Talisker.  Why lower expectations?  Classical programs using music about animals usually condescend. Such compositions –however excellent—are relegated to … Continue reading

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The Miller and his Wife

There were two distinct parts to Puppetmongers’ shows today.   First came the magic, then the magicians –Ann and David Powell—explained their tricks. The program is among their oldest works.  The Miller was first presented in 1974 and its sequel The … Continue reading

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