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Triump of the Will, the post-virtuoso era

This morning in the shower contemplating the meaning of life, I saw a solution to an old problem. The Book of Revelation confused me (and I suspect I’m not alone) in seeming to suggest that The Apocalypse could simultaneously offer … Continue reading

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Fialkowska: Schubert’s Bohemian Rhapsody

This review has had a long gestation. But let me say first, Schubert is not usually understood as any sort of mystery, and maybe that’s a problem. When I open my Schubert impromptus or sonatas, having heard others play these … Continue reading

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Pollyanna’s 2016

At the end of 2015 I said the following: It was a year when the Pollyanna sentiment seemed to be in the ascendancy.  Trudeau beat Harper. I can’t help wondering, would that have been the case if the Paris attacks … Continue reading

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Questions for Dylan Brenton: Danny & the Deep Blue Sea

Dylan Brenton is one of the founding members of Wolf Manor Theatre Collective, their Artistic Director and a member of the Ensemble. Here’s how the WMTC describe themselves & their mission: Wolf Manor Theatre Collective are a Toronto based theatre … Continue reading

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The mysterious politics of the TSO

Why a series of pieces with the word “mystery”? Sometimes a person may feel clueless. There are times when I feel satisfied with myself and my abilities. I go to a concert or watch a production in a theatre, and come … Continue reading

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As we come to the latter part of the year, a festive time when we hoist drinks, hug our loved ones and count our blessings, I’m playing a bit of a game, partly inspired by my friend Ian Henderson. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Metaphysical Sausage Party

Imagine you were having a spiritual crisis. There you are, wondering, asking yourself about God and the meaning of life. And then you stumble upon a film on pay TV that seems to offer answers, precisely at the moment of … Continue reading

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