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All –Beethoven Tafelmusik Finale

Tonight’s programme from Tafelmusik was the first of their season-ending concerts at Koerner Hall. We heard Beethoven’s violin concerto & the Pastorale symphony. Thinking about moustaches & tears earlier this week, it felt serendipitous to be studying the same sort … Continue reading

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Cry for me

Some actions are startlingly ambiguous.  Right now for example I’m not shaving my upper lip. Am I growing a moustache –which would be an action—or am I simply not shaving my upper lip? I had that thought, thinking about a … Continue reading

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That sound is of course something you hear when you’re not doing it. If you’re asleep you can’t hear snores.  Your snore might wake you up. If you’re living with someone who does snore, and you are hearing this sound? … Continue reading

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The art and business of beauty with Cheryl Lone & Co.

“Lone & Co.” is actually Cheryl Lone and her team of associates, now one of the most popular places to go for a haircut, colouring, beard trim, or even a heart-to-heart conversation. While I may be due for another haircut … Continue reading

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Dr Ryhana Dawood’s Martial Smarts: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL

The words on the poster caught my eye. “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL”, all in capitals. When I inquired further I discovered Martial Smarts and then its founder Dr Ryhana Dawood: a strong advocate for women’s health and female empowerment through self-defense. … Continue reading

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Two different takes on Bach: Busoni vs Brahms

Anthologies tend to be a mixed bag. I’m quite partial to a Schirmer collection of 26 Bach piano transcriptions by an assortment of great composers. It has its strengths and weaknesses. I am not particularly inspired by what Saint-Saëns did … Continue reading

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CBD, part the second

After writing two pieces last night (one about the AGO, one about a trip to a dispensary to get CBD), I decided to take one of the pills, a gel capsule containing cannabidiol (aka CBD). Please note, this is just … Continue reading

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