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Disappointing Planet of the Humans

I’m giggling as I begin writing this, because I know that for some people, credentials are everything. If I dare speak about an enviro-documentary where do I stand, where am I coming from? This is such a partisan world that … Continue reading

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In the mail

I just received a mail package containing a recording from an artist. It was mailed April 7th, with a covering letter inside dated April 6th. It was coming from a city that is about an hour away on the QEW, … Continue reading

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Saturday not quite Live

SNL in the era of quarantine? It’s impossible in the usual way: The eager audience in Studio 8H of the Comcast Building (the one many of us know as the “RCA Building”) The cold opening The monologue The musical guests … Continue reading

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Gone With The Pandemic

Last night we watched the first half of Gone With the Wind. The film began at 10:00 pm taking us up to the intermission around 11:30 pm.   Whatever misgivings I have about the story it remains an amazing achievement. What … Continue reading

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Time to Lift Up Your Heads

Come along with me as I muse about one of my favorite pieces of music, on a day when it seems especially apt. There are good years when we’re rolling along enjoying springtime pleasures. And there are years when it’s … Continue reading

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