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Exoticism –The Music of Karol Szymanowski

Earlier this summer I let someone pick the play I saw, observing how it’s valuable to let someone else choose what one will see and/or hear.  We circumscribe ourselves with our menu choices, our viewing habits, our purchases, boxing ourselves … Continue reading

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The End, Mr Trotsky

I went to see This is the End, a very funny movie about the end of the world.  It’s full of famous actors I know and love: Seth Rogen, of Funny People, Superbad and Knocked Up James Franco, of the … Continue reading

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Diva distress

Nothing is quite so delicious as a delicacy imperilled.  We love our rare wines, cheeses, hard to find films & DVDs.  Part of the enjoyment is in boasting of your exclusive enjoyment. It’s summertime, when some go to see operas … Continue reading

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Ai Weiwei Never Sorry

How apt that I begin writing about this film with an apology. I went looking for Ai Weiwei Never Sorry when I heard of this film, that had been shown at TIFF.  I sought an introduction to the artist, because … Continue reading

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Tickets for Ai Weiwei and David Bowie at the AGO

“Press releases and announcements” are presented verbatim without comment. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 24, 2013 Tickets for Ai Weiwei: According to What? at the AGO go on sale Saturday, July 27 First block of tickets for David Bowie is to … Continue reading

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Cat music

I’ve written about cats before in this space.  At one time there were two cats in my house, Tara & Scarlett.  They had been born feral but rescued, fixed and raised for years in our home. Then one day Tara … Continue reading

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The Geneology of Minimalism

A one word headline might be more minimalistic than this pretentious sounding title.  A friend cited Nietzsche’s Geneology of Morals, and it stayed in my head like a verbal ear-worm I suppose.  Or I could have emulated Darwin, to call … Continue reading

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Under the radar

At Luella Massey’s funeral service today, Professor Domenico Pietropaolo spoke of a dream near & dear to both of their hearts. Pietropaolo is a former Director of the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, and is now Principal of St … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Melissa Hood

Melissa Hood isn’t gun shy, even if she’s at the heart of “gun shy theatre”, the team responsible for Stop Kiss, one of the best shows at the Fringe Festival in 2013 held over next week as part of Best … Continue reading

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The Misanthrope

One of the great joys of classical theatre is to be able to revisit works that one knows: or thinks that one knows.  A good play always has something new to show you. Case in point tonight, seeing the opening … Continue reading

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