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Filmscore 101 with Michael Kamen

I was already thinking about the art of the film score composer, having recently given James Horner’s work a look in the wake of his untimely death. A question I sometimes ponder: what is the hardest sort of music to … Continue reading

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Remembering the films and the music of James Horner

Some say that if done right you shouldn’t notice the music in a movie. Of course that’s one ideal and it’s a much more self-effacing idea of how a composer should approach the task of composing a score for the … Continue reading

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Deep Inside Out

There I was in a theatre full of children for Father’s Day. As we got deeper into Inside Out the small ones were often silent. The small unrepresentative audience survey I conducted suggests that the kids enjoyed themselves but couldn’t … Continue reading

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Remembering Sten Eirik

The sentence in the obituary that rings truest for me says “everyone believed there was so much more to come from Sten’s life.” I discovered the bad news when I went to the Guild Festival Theatre website to see what … Continue reading

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The Hutcheons launch Four Last Songs with, what else: singing

When multi-disciplinary authors launch a book, you see people from many places & walks of life.  Whatever else you might say about Linda & Michael Hutcheon, they know some very cool people.  I saw singers, librarians, academics from several departments, … Continue reading

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How it Storms: an Opera by Allen Cole on June 17 & 18

How it Storms The Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave. 2nd floor, Toronto, ON M6J 3W3 416.532.3019 advance tickets can be purchased at: TOMORROW (Wednesday) and Thursday June 17 and 18 @ 8PM; $15 It is better to blaze up, … Continue reading

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Picturing the Americas: AGO goes Hemispheric

As a swan song “Picturing the Americas” might be Matthew Teitelbaum’s finest hour.  The show is in some ways a triumph of diplomacy, an impossibly congenial meeting between museums and cultures sure to be a feather in his cap, as … Continue reading

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