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December 30, 1960

December 30th, 2010 is a date of personal interest, the anniversary of the day my father succumbed to leukemia, at the very end of 1960.   I understand he had been sick for a few years. I don’t think of … Continue reading

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Risky performance: when it’s not just a metaphor

Will the new Spiderman musical ever open?  It’s been prohibitively expensive to marry Julie Taymor‘s  vision to the music of Bono & The Edge.  I’ve read estimates of $65 million USD: and counting.  One wonders how many years of full … Continue reading

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Mad Swan

After a post earlier this week concerning ballet, I had to go see Black Swan, a film that appears to go right to the heart of the artform or at least the concerns I spoke of the other day. I … Continue reading

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What price virtuosity, or the (body) image problem.

I used to see opera and ballet as two sides of the same coin. I understood them in terms of an obsession with power & fluidity, accomplished by ballet’s bodies, and by opera’s voices.   The dancer’s movements were what … Continue reading

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A new Messiah

It might seem to be a conundrum worthy of a religious scholar: how do we know the real Messiah?  And even though we’re not speaking of a saviour but rather about Handel’s oratorio, the topic may as well be a … Continue reading

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Levesque in Leslieville

It’s midweek at Edward Levesque’s Kitchen with my friend Brian, catching up.  This is my second visit.  The first in 2009, was my daughter’s idea.  Zoe has an expat’s appreciation of Toronto and a great network of arty friends telling … Continue reading

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Studies in Motion decidedly Electric

The presentation of Electric Company Theatre’s Studies in Motion is superficially important as part of the reinvention of the Canadian Stage brand in Toronto.  I’m grateful to CanStage for giving us another look at one of the important companies working … Continue reading

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Into the sunset: cue heroic music

I’ve been talking to friends about the missing cat.  The cat is not here.  Why?  she sauntered or dashed or flew through an open door.  Her name is Tara, while her sister is Scarlette.  Scarlette is still here, while Tara … Continue reading

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