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10 Questions for Fides Krucker

Fides Krucker is an inter-disciplinary vocalist, a performer, creator and teacher specializing in contemporary vocal repertoire: prolific, versatile & regularly involved in new creations here and abroad. Krucker is known for her performances of Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer’s works … Continue reading

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At the first COC podcast, we discussed the implications of a post from John Terauds, when he speculated about Toronto audiences. In passing it was observed by one of us (perhaps Wayne Gooding, perhaps John Gilks, perhaps Gianmarco Segato; all … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Tamara Wilson

Tamara Wilson is a soprano who’s going places, a major talent with the voice to be a star. An alumna of the Houston Grand Opera Studio, Wilson’s awards include the George London Award from the George London Foundation, as well … Continue reading

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Contrasting Butterflies

Classrooms can be amazing places for discovery, especially for the teacher.  Sometimes we can’t anticipate what develops right in front of us. Not long ago I showed two contrasting DVD versions of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly to my opera class. Having … Continue reading

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COC Podcast

The conversation about the arts is as much about the audience as it is about the art.  If you’re marketing the question can be one of identification (who’s coming to see/hear) as much as how to find, connect with and … Continue reading

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Debussy by Design

Today is Debussy’s 150th birthday, the occasion for a recent series of posts about the seminal composer & writer: Unfinished Sympathy (Aug 21) Debussy and the writers  (Aug 19) Debussy Sesqui (Aug 16) I’m going to talk about another aspect of the composer … Continue reading

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Unfinished Sympathy

In the Tuesday gatherings of Mallarmé and his followers, poems, plays, or songs might be performed to an appreciative audience.  Nobody minded if the work being auditioned was unfinished.  A glimpse of a dream could be every bit as powerful.  … Continue reading

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