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Woodward and Cohen: odd couple

They’re an odd pair, Bob Woodward & Michael Cohen. Or more properly, their books make an odd couple. One man uses four letter words for his titles, the other book has a title with a sub-title followed by a sub-subtitle … Continue reading

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Who’s your daddy?

While killing time waiting for the latest Saturday Night Live to begin I stumbled across something much more enjoyable than expected. As Father Figures (2017) begins to unfold, and I saw vague resonances to other recent films I tried to … Continue reading

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Aversion to the e-version

Confession: this is a meta-review, a preamble to what’s ahead. I’ve been reading lots of books, and will write about them in the next little while. Once again the pandemic seems to be changing our rules. I saw Singin’ in … Continue reading

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Saturday morning dream

I had a dream this morning. It started out as a nightmare, that classic things going wrong dream, where you have a show to give or a piece to perform and don’t remember your lines. I was to give a … Continue reading

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Debating debates

Is it time to re-think debates? We have lived for quite a long time in a culture here in the western world, where the consensus is often unspoken. While there may have been something friendly & cordial in our past, … Continue reading

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Arkady Spivak talks about TIFT Basic Income Guarantee Project

Arkady Spivak is the Artistic Producer of Talk is Free Theatre, a company you may recall for some remarkable shows. I remember tiny perfect shows like their adaptation of Candide, Parkdale Peter Pan or Dani Girl. I can’t forget bigger … Continue reading

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Yes we can

Is he really gone? Alexander Neef may be in Europe with the Paris Opera but it was already a promiscuous relationship, this General Directorship of the COC. Neef was working for his Toronto audience while at the same time taking … Continue reading

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