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Musical Gentrification

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots of time to think, to ponder questions old & new. One of my oldest questions is the conundrum of popularity in music. It’s a complicated phenomenon, and I’m not saying I … Continue reading

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Night before…

The child who goes to bed on Christmas Eve awaiting a visit from Santa Claus may have given clues.  Sometimes Santa gets a letter.  Sometimes he gets a visit in the department store. I’m just like that kid, awaiting the … Continue reading

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Rheingold in person

While there’s still a controversy about Robert Lepage’s production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle at the Metropolitan Opera because some people don’t like it, it seems to be a success. I was at the Das Rheingold that opened the third cycle, … Continue reading

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Lepage’s Walküre, or “Welcome to The Machine, part two”

It doesn’t matter how big they are.  Whether we’re speaking of fame or stature, every singer in the current Metropolitan Opera productions (both Das Rheingold and Die Walküre) directed by Robert Lepage & his Ex Machina group shares the stage … Continue reading

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Rheingold by Request

A concert performance of Wagner’s Das Rheingold can be many things, but above all, it’s a colossal job.  For almost three hours, a group of singers breathes life into Gods, giants, dwarves, and Rhine-maidens, while a pianist impersonates a huge … Continue reading

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Lion Taymor

I knew I was going to use a punny headline of some sort, this was perhaps the least offensive among my options.  I saw The Lion King tonight, admittedly years after its opening, and awhile after its first appearance in … Continue reading

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Risky performance: when it’s not just a metaphor

Will the new Spiderman musical ever open?  It’s been prohibitively expensive to marry Julie Taymor‘s  vision to the music of Bono & The Edge.  I’ve read estimates of $65 million USD: and counting.  One wonders how many years of full … Continue reading

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