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The Overcoat: a musical tailoring

I’ve just seen the premiere of a new opera from James Rolfe & Morris Panych adapting Gogol’s story “The Overcoat”. There’s much to admire, and frankly I feel like saying “it’s about time.” Opera is often bogged down in virtuoso … Continue reading

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Davies’ Ecstasy of Rita Joe

I’ve just seen Victor Davies’ adaptation of George Ryga’s 1967 play The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, a very faithful treatment of Ryga’s work, the world premiere production in Toronto. As a result we’re in a funny place culturally with this … Continue reading

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Jaws live with the TSO: not the same

Every time I’ve seen one of these live Toronto Symphony showings of a classic film + film-score, I’ve had some remarkable experiences complete with insights, and tonight’s showing of Jaws was no different. The phrase that keeps running through my … Continue reading

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Paint Me a Song: three cycles for three painters. 

CASP, the Canadian Art Song Project, regularly undertake ambitious programs to push the possibilities of their medium.  To begin tonight’s concert, “Paint Me a Song”, Co-artistic Director Steven Philcox gave some insight into the creation of our program. Curating and commissioning … Continue reading

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Sirett, Koniuk & Oriana: romance on the road

This weekend I went out of town to see a concert while processing this weekend’s great tempo rubato. Daylight Savings Time appropriates an hour from our lives that will only be given back half a year from now. I figured … Continue reading

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That sound is of course something you hear when you’re not doing it. If you’re asleep you can’t hear snores.  Your snore might wake you up. If you’re living with someone who does snore, and you are hearing this sound? … Continue reading

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Scorched by Mouawad

Tonight I completed my Wajdi Mouawad trilogy.  Last month I saw his production of Abduction from the Seraglio at the Canadian Opera Company twice, last week I saw Denis Villeneuve’s film Incendies, adapted from the play that I saw tonight. … Continue reading

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Questions for Victor Davies: The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

Victor Davies is a Canadian composer whose work I have previously encountered in Toronto productions. His adaptation of Wilde’s comedy (in partnership with librettist Eugene Benson), called Earnest, The Importance of Being came to Toronto Operetta Theatre in 2015 (originally … Continue reading

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Lang Lang: apprentices among the sorcerers

The great piano virtuoso Lang Lang came to Roy Thomson Hall tonight to play with the Toronto Symphony. Because he’s suffering from tendinitis the program was changed to include his young protégé. Lang Lang & Maxim Lando played a series … Continue reading

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