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Stewart Goodyear – Beethoven piano concerti

It’s 2020, a year I’m tempted to call “World, Interrupted,” recalling the 1999 film set in a psychiatric hospital. At times our virtual online lives resemble the simulation of real living as though we’ve been wrapped in strait-jackets, locked up … Continue reading

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First recording of Scarlatti’s first opera

You may know the name “Scarlatti”. Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757), wrote those fascinating sonatas for keyboard, but he’s not the only Scarlatti by any means. He had an older brother Pietro Scarlatti (1679-1750) who had some success as a composer. Domenico’s father … Continue reading

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A Knave in the House of Cards

A meditation on dayjobs A long time ago I was an undergraduate, a university student fresh out of high school. At the time a summer job was indispensable to help me afford my life between September & May, living in … Continue reading

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The view from here: perspectives on careers in music & the arts from Margarete von Vaight

An interview with Margarete von Vaight Careers in the arts were always a risky proposition.  Right now as companies push the pause button on their seasons there’s extra cause for concern.  Can those organizations come back? And what happens to … Continue reading

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Disturbance in the Force: a Natural Experiment with Audiences

With all the performers, musicians, artists social distancing at home, you might think that this is an opportunity, that they’d be busy singing, strumming, painting…. All that time to create, right? Yet it’s not what I hear on social media. … Continue reading

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COC General Director Responds

COC GENERAL DIRECTOR RESPONDS TO MEDIA REPORTS OF AN EARLY DEPARTURE FOR PARIS Toronto – In response to recent media speculation out of France that COC General Director Alexander Neef plans on exiting his role with the Canadian Opera Company … Continue reading

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Whither Canadian Opera Company: after Neef

Did you know? The first ever Monty Python episode was titled Whither Canada. I suspect it’s a title meant to invoke the sort of bland but innocent British documentary we see here in Canada as “Hinterland Who’s Who” or “Heritage … Continue reading

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“If you build it they will come” revisited, or Field of Dreams in 2020

I was looking for an uplifting bit of escapism. Field of Dreams is a film that I’ve always loved. It still moved me when I saw it this weekend but now in a totally new way. One of the small … Continue reading

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