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VOCALIS: a new series at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

VOCALIS A new series of four concerts featuring the students of the Masters and DMA Voice programs, the Collaborative Piano program as well as students from the Instrumental program at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. This program is … Continue reading

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Two Peters and The Wolf, with a little help from Rick Mercer

Over $50,000 was raised at the first Toronto Symphony benefit for Sick Kids Hospital, likely to be an annual affair. The TSO put on a brilliant show.  There were two Peters, both the fictional one in the Prokofiev story and … Continue reading

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OSM: was it good for you?

I could use technical jargon, I could be very polite, OR I can simply tell the story as my viscera understood it. L’Orchestra Symphonique de Montréal—aka “OSM”—came to Toronto led by their music director Kent Nagano to play at Roy … Continue reading

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10 questions for James Gilchrist

Here is the “informal biography” from James Gilchrist’s website, and offers a much better portrait than anything I could attempt. At the age of eight I came home from school one day and informed my parents that I was now in the … Continue reading

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High Def Lulu: Walmart Opera?

An irritated blast I sent to Facebook is the basis for this commentary (I don’t think it’s fair to call it a review), which is really more a series of speculative questions than answers. At one point in Saturday Nov … Continue reading

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Tap: Ex METALLURGY: Visigoths in the Cathedral

While all roads may once have led to Rome, in the Canadian opera world, all roads seem to begin with Tapestry and artistic director Michael Hidetoshi Mori, whose visionary ideas are like seeds sown onto the blank staff paper of … Continue reading

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CanStage / Soundstreams Julie: so old yet so new

Tonight I saw the North American debut of Philippe Boesmans’ opera Julie in a joint production of Soundstreams and Canadian Stage, at the Bluma Appel Theatre, a triumphant opening in front of a full house.  You might want to attribute … Continue reading

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