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I am not my voice

I tried to run away myself To run away and wrestle with my ego—Joni Mitchell One can imagine, somewhere between selfless slavery and imperial command, a middle way.  There’s a place one can imagine in the tao of the performer, … Continue reading

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Worth Waiting for Julie

There is much to admire in Louis Dufort’s opera Julie Sits Waiting.  It’s conservative to suggest an opera “belongs” in any sense to the composer, particularly a work that’s clearly a collaborative work across several disciplines.  Call me old-fashioned. But … Continue reading

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September Buzz

In the circles I share in person or online I am thinking about the question of buzz, to which I alluded recently. I’m excited to be going to a brand-new opera tomorrow night, namely Julie Sits Waiting.  It’s hard for … Continue reading

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Backbone and the moral high-ground

As a Canadian I am sitting back, wondering whether Barack Obama will be re-elected or not, and what impact if any, we’ll see from these events north of the border in Canada. It makes great television, a dramatic pageant ritualistically … Continue reading

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Once is not enough

We know that technology is changing rapidly.  Can you imagine that human perception would somehow remain unchanged, or is it more likely that with all the new platforms, applications, and media, that our brains might work in new ways? Such … Continue reading

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Crossover Kaffe

“Crossover” is a word used to describe artists venturing into a new discipline.  It’s not always a complimentary epithet, considering that What some will celebrate as a new arrival others may perceive as an invasion Expectations aren’t necessarily very high, … Continue reading

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