Visions: not saying “no”

I’ve been listening to a CD of piano music, contemplating the word “no”.   It may seem like an odd combination, a strange segue.

Why would I wonder about the word “no”?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how people make choices.  Whether you’re big or small, opportunities present themselves in various forms.  Some people seem to live in a rarefied world of a few high-quality projects.   I have no idea what demands are made upon them, but I have to believe that someone doing only a few discreet projects, is someone who says “yes” carefully, and indeed must be saying “no” much of the time.

I’ve seen people who seem to be perpetually in demand, who seem to never say no.  I believe they’re in demand partly because of that positive outlook, that they’re inspiring in their energy and their upbeat approach.

I think about this (saying YES or NO) all the time, as I wonder what I am going to do with my life; and  I think about this (saying YES or NO) when I see an artist who seems very busy, clearly someone who is asked to be part of projects, who is positive & a dynamic inspiring person.

I had these thoughts listening to Christina Petrowska Quilico’s new double CD Visions.  The project is so daring the first thing I had to wonder about was how it could even happen.  And that’s why I see CPQ as the catalyst, the one refusing to say no.  Visions is a series of original piano compositions from Constantine Caravassilis.  It‘s an unlikely project, an enormous double CD of great scope.  The title is apt, as the music is visionary.

But for a visionary to get anywhere? Someone has to say YES.  CPQ clearly said yes, as she does so often.   I connect that YES to the whole artistic-appreciative process.  When someone says something that might be poetic, do you say “no” or “yes”?  Do you consider the possibility?  Some people are more open to this than others.  Listening to the CDs –and I continue to listen to them—I have to say CPQ is genuinely open, positive.  Her playing is inspired on the CD, possibly because she was inspired: by the music.

There’s much more one can say, about the music, the paintings she’s gone on to do in response… But I’d suggest you investigate Visions for yourself.  It’s unexpectedly wonderful.  I gave it a listen, and I am glad I said yes.

CPQ is a very active artist in the GTA (perhaps again because she doesn’t say no).  Monday night? the Quilico Awards at the Richard Bradshaw Auditorium.  (click image for more info)

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One Response to Visions: not saying “no”

  1. I’ll say yes to this inspired approach – to both the review and the double album!

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