When I have a show or some event to promote this is one place where i’d promote it.

As of Autumn 2012, I am

While some years I might be teaching at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies, I am taking a sabbatical this year.  I taught the following last year, although next year might be different:

  • The Most Popular Operas, which offers an introduction to operas & famous voices
  • Cinematic Music: How we hear film, one of the few courses on this important subject. This is really a history of film using music as the lens.

I’ll update this space when I have something underway.

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4 Responses to Self-promotions

  1. Christine says:

    I like Scarborough! That’s where I spent my teen years and I have fond memories. Plus I go there to visit some of my relatives. They live in a beautiful part, too.

  2. barczablog says:

    Thanks for liking Scarborough, and admitting it too! We’re in the minority it would seem, but i suppose that’s a good thing. It means we’re not likely to have swelled heads.

  3. Hello Leslie. Many, many years ago you related the plot of Meistersinger to me. I seem to remember that it took up most of the evening. I’ve seen it now countless times–mostly the (now aged, alas) Graham Vick production at Covent Garden. John Tomlinson, a good friend, no longer sings Sachs; he’s Pogner in the latest revival. And so we grow old and all things pass. Still, you sparked my interest in a fascinating opera. Thanks! Hope you are happy and well!
    Leena (Kore Schroder)

  4. barczablog says:

    Leena! so nice to hear from you. What lovely friends you have (JT!), to enjoy as we grow old-er. You, old? As Bart Simpson once remarked: “Incroyable!”

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