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Topher and “The French Connection”

I couldn’t help understanding Topher Mokrzewski’s concert today at the Richard Bradshaw Auditorium (the intimate concert space in the upper lobby of the Four Seasons Centre) as a goodbye.  As is usual, the introduction told us a bit of the … Continue reading

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Ten questions for Eve Egoyan

Eve Egoyan specializes in the performance of new works. Her intense focus, command of the instrument, insightful interpretations and unique programmes welcome audiences into unknown territory, bridging the gap between them and contemporary composers. “I am passionate about all the … Continue reading

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Fatal infidelity

When people meet and become interested in one another, they decide they want to be near one another.  Their growing rapport leads to growing closeness. And they make promises, some in words, others of a more legal sort. Later people … Continue reading

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Adès Conversations

I am thinking a lot about the nature of criticism.  On a recent trip I sat on the airplane reading a fascinating book that’s called Conversations with Tom Service.  How fascinating could such a book be? Ah but it’s a … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Nina Lee Aquino

Nina Lee Aquino is in demand, as director, dramaturge and playwright.  She was a founding member of fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre, where she just finished directing their production of Lauren Yee’s Ching Chong Chinaman (review).  Aquino has recently been the … Continue reading

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Coming of Age Stories

With the passage of time, people get older.  The battles that consumed them in their youth are set aside, as they seek stability and begin to contemplate their legacy.  In that gradual coming into focus, frivolity falls by the wayside … Continue reading

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Late Mozart 2: caveats

Mozart censored? Operas did sometimes have to clear hurdles in the century of their creation, but actually I was thinking about the censure of a modern audience. And so I continue to ramble about late Mozart, inspired by a happy … Continue reading

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