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The Patriarch

David Warrack is writing an oratorio on the life of Abraham, the Biblical patriarch.  I’m thrilled to be participating in a concert presentation of excerpts.  We’ve had some rehearsals, with about a week to go until the concert at Metropolitan … Continue reading

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Tonight at a performance of Bruce Barton’s YouTopia I was reminded of the difference between the mandate of University of Toronto’s “Drama Centre” (recently renamed “Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies”) and various theatre schools such as Ryerson or … Continue reading

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10 Questions for John Mills-Cockell

I only found out who John Mills-Cockell was after the fact of encountering his music without knowing who he was.  A tune by Syrinx –“Tillicum”— was my first encounter with sounds that have been near & dear to my heart, … Continue reading

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Believe It

In The Greatest Story Ever Told, an assortment of Hollywood icons share the screen with lesser known talent, to give the audience a well-known tale.  Some of the film works, while other parts are wooden, especially because we’re so busy … Continue reading

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When i go to write a new piece here on the blog, i follow the tab to “new post”.  We were promised a paperless office, a paperless world long ago, but it never happened.  It’s funny to keep bumping into … Continue reading

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Filet of Carmen

Considering that the heroine of Bizet’s opera usually ends up stabbed, I want to make clear that the headline refers to Peter Brook’s La Tragédie de Carmen, a much shorter version of the original, and not the violence meted out … Continue reading

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As I revised the outline for “The Most Popular Operas” (a course I teach here at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, beginning September 18th), I was asked as usual to recommend books. I used to suggest Roger … Continue reading

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