A risky business

The risky business?

Posting here after going out to a karaoke bar with my daughter, here in Stockholm.

I couldn’t help noticing how unconditional the crowd were. They would have been fine if i were tone-deaf.  So i could sing in tune…? doesn’t matter.

I sang “Space Oddity”, which shouldn’t surprise you after what i wrote recently.  They didn’t have anything by Wagner on the list, so what choice did i have…? But seriously, “Space Oddity” seemed very apt.  I’ve never sung it before, had no idea if the first lines –when Bowie (and Wiig) sing it in a lower octave, before going up into space that is–might be too low for me.  I growled that part, not unlike Mr Bowie come to think of it.  When we got to go up, i was more in my element, albeit inebriated.

Earlier, we’d been to see the X-Men movie Days of Future Past, a film that reminds me a lot of a Moody Blues album from my youth.  Yes the film is supposed to take us back, so it works on several levels.  That title probably was used somewhere else.  If you were as unconditional and nice as the lovely folk in that Swedish karaoke bar, you wouldn’t judge me for not knowing this.

This is not like other Marvel films, being laden with talent.  They wrote a great script, and perhaps knew that it was going to be knocked out of the park so long as they didn’t take short-cuts (haha like my cheap city: go big or go home whether we mean infrastructure or a quality film): in addition to the usual talent (hello, we’re talking Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart for starters), add in Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender & Ellen Page.  It’s by far the best such film i’ve ever seen.

No really.

I’ve been thinking about comic book films, horror & suspense, fascinated by how seriously they’re sometimes taken by directors & the money devoted to them by Hollywood. Sure, it’s commercial, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be art.

A film like this one reaches people in a very special way, a society traumatized by income disparities, unemployment, climate change & the irrationalities of international politics. It’s a terrifying time in so many ways.

No wonder we need movies that grab you and scare the pants off you, to distract you from the other things that are scaring the pants off you.  I came out of this one –after i got over the terror– smiling.  I hope that doesn’t spoil the film for you.  It’s hard to see how it going to get where it needs to get.  And yes i cried as though i were sitting through Parsifal.  

Welcome to the waterworks.  Don’t say i didn’t warn you.  It’s a stunning powerful film, particularly if you like superhero movies.  And if you don’t it could still surprise you.

No wonder i had no fear about stepping up to the microphone.  I’d already faced terror in the movie theatre.

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