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Nils Dardel and the Modern Age

One of the journeys of my life has been to reconcile myself to fame.  Not everyone gets famous, and often it’s the wrong people.  For this Canadian it is very clear at least how it doesn’t work. It is not … Continue reading

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Grey Gardens

In the 1970s two film makers made a remarkable documentary. I’d never heard of it until yesterday, but had it presented to me in all its garish intimacy. Albert and David Maysles’ Grey Gardens (1975) is a film taking its name from the … Continue reading

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A risky business

The risky business? Posting here after going out to a karaoke bar with my daughter, here in Stockholm. I couldn’t help noticing how unconditional the crowd were. They would have been fine if i were tone-deaf.  So i could sing … Continue reading

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A conversation

One of the glories of travel is the encounter with the other. It’s fun to get to another country and talk to countrymen who just happen to be abroad. But that reminds me of the Accidental Tourist. Remember the film? … Continue reading

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Dueling ear-worms: surrender and adventure

It ís Friday, a national holiday I am told. Does it matter why? People need to celebrate, and yes, people sometimes need to rest. I didn’t realize how tired I was. I boarded the plane Wednesday night in Toronto. When … Continue reading

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Yapping dog

I m far away. Far from home. Far from work.  I’m on vacation, musing about where this compulsive blogging fits in. Everything in a blog is necessarily about the person writing. Sure, the topic may be foreign cars or foreign … Continue reading

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Eleanor Farjeon used a word in one of her lyrics, a word that always catches my eye. She is not a one-hit wonder.  She’s a two-hit wonder, and her hits are hymns. Farjeon’s contribution was lyrics rather than music. While … Continue reading

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