Pockets picked: the inspiring story of Pocket Opera

The show must go on, and it usually does
(from Janos Gereben in California).

Pocket Opera ( http://www.pocketopera.org/ ), Donald Pippin’s inimitable
38-year-old performing organization, has always lived on pennies, but now –
thanks to clueless thieves the day before Super Bowl – it has nothing…
except will and talent.

Just before the Feb. 1 performance of “Lucia di Lammermoor” in the SF Legion
of Honor, the company’s truck was burglarized and the idiots stole
everything essential to Pocket and without any value for anyone else
(except, maybe, another small opera company – that could be a clue). Gone
were costumes, props, equipment, and music.

Production Manager Nicolas Aliaga wrote: “I hope the thief enjoys watching
the Super Bowl in a bloody nightgown and kilt!”

But the show must go on, and it will on Feb. 8 (Legion) and 15 (Berkeley
Hillside Club), while the company is asking not only for financial
contributions (info@pocketopera.org or 415-972-8930) but the following items
that perhaps never before appeared on a list of requests:

– 14 music stand lights
– a piano bench for Donald Pippin
– Scottish sporrans
– Scottish kilts
– Styrofoam tombstones
– extension cords
– power strips
– old laptop computer for supertitles
– bloody nightgown
– various other costume pieces

And what happened on Feb. 1? Aliaga says:

“It was actually a great performance. We kept the stage lights all the way
up so the orchestra could see without stand lights, we had a couple of the
costumes in another bag. Maria Graham and Dan Yelen, our costumer and props master, came up with several creative solutions, and the show went on!
Really, everyone was so wonderful, it almost wiped away the rage we were all
hit with at first.”

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2 Responses to Pockets picked: the inspiring story of Pocket Opera

  1. An act of vengeance by a Lowland Scot exasperated that his ancestors were costumed as hairy Irishmen perhaps?

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