Trudeau against the puritans

I hate attack ads. I previously wrote about this detestable tool before.  In vaudeville, when a performer didn’t get applause they would pull them offstage with a hook. Attack ads are like rhetorical hooks, grabbing at people to trip them, but without even the dignity of context.

I have arthritis.  I had trouble sleeping last night, because I sometimes have some serious sciatica.  The pain in my left leg isn’t so bad now—hours later—because I took my meds.

What did I take to relieve the pain? Medications that, if I am not careful, have serious side-effects. Meanwhile, there are alternatives.  Would my pain be amenable to management if I had access to something like marijuana?  All I know is that I sometimes use alcohol to help me sleep.  It’s nothing I am terribly proud of.  But i am not comfortable trying to “legally” obtain marijuana.  Is it legal, even if you ask for medical marijuana?

You tell me.

Meanwhile in the attack ads, Justin Trudeau is being mocked for words taken out of context.  I wonder if he still supports marijuana legalization, especially now that he is being hounded by these moronic ads?

Pardon me, those are parodies.  Anyone who can be influenced by attack ads is welcome to Stephen Harper, who –seriously– is not up to the job (to quote his own advertising), unless the job is to put Canada deeper in debt.

Our economy is in the toilet.

But let’s talk about a tiny measure that could help that weak economy.  If Trudeau were to promise to legalize marijuana, I would happily vote for him.   But given the ridicule i think he can be forgiven for hesitating.

THANK YOU Conservative puritans!

Legal marijuana would generate new tax revenues (why shouldn’t the government get a slice, the way they do with tobacco?), and likely increase tourism.  And yes, old arthritic codgers like me should be able to get high legally.

I wish!

In fact, we have some ridiculous inconsistencies in our laws.

  • If I am of age I can get alcohol or cigarettes.  Both will kill me if I am not careful.
  • I can supposedly get medicinal marijuana, although I have no idea where I would obtain such a thing.  Why not my drug store?

Yet the Supreme Court had to make a ruling that one has a right to consume medical marijuana in brownies.  Duh! anyone who understands right from wrong should see that this is only fair. You’d think medical marijuana is a crime (i know i think it is a crime because i can’t simply get it from my drug store).

And the Health Minister mocked the decision.  Is medical marijuana legal or not? She was apparently “outraged” (news report).  If you read the report, you have to wonder: is making medical marijuana available via cookies going to corrupt Canada’s youth?  I am more concerned that people in other countries reading this article will be worried that Canada is being governed by a gang of puritanical idiots, who clearly don’t have a very good sense of the different between right and wrong.  From a strictly moral perspective, i find Rona’s commentary astonishing.

Outraged? oh, is that because cancer-causing smoke is a better choice?

I will never seek a prescription from my rheumatologist to buy medical marijuana until I know that the government isn’t about to treat me like a criminal.

But of course the attack ads suggest the same mindless knee-jerk puritanism.

When I was very young I recall encountering JFK & RFK, a pair of brothers who used visionary language.  I remember the commitment to put a man on the moon before the end of that decade, a commitment that was met. This was positive, and it inspired a whole generation.

Vision doesn’t fit into a discourse that is all about catching people making mistakes.  Our political conversation is entirely lacking in vision, nothing more than a fear of saying something that will be mocked.  How small-minded.  What I get out of all that harping on little comments, especially comments taken out of context in those vile attack ads, is that the members of the Government are the same.  They have nothing positive to offer, just negativity. Actually, that’s not fair, because their action plan spending was useful, even if subsidies are usually anathema to conservatives.

Speaking of spending, it is a good thing they have spent all that money on advertising (both the economic action plan ads and the attack ads).  At least those actors will still have work.

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