TSO Announcement: good days for Canadian composers

The official announcements are still to come.  It’s a great year, or will be a great year to be Canadian, as we celebrate 150 years of Confederation in 2017. Anticipation is a big part of the fun.

On Wednesday the Canadian Opera Company will make their official announcement for the upcoming season, likely explaining their plans for Louis Riel, the Harry Somers opera originally commissioned for the Canadian Centennial, that hopefully sees its revival soon (if not in 2016-2017, then hopefully in 2017-18).  The COC broke the ice by offering Pyramus and Thisbe this past season, the first COC ‘opera’ (in quotes because we’re using a loose definition of the term) by a Canadian composer in a long time.

Are there any other premieres to come? And what else will the COC offer? We shall find out Wednesday January 13th..!

TSO CEO Jeff Melanson's Facebook profile pic

TSO CEO Jeff Melanson’s Facebook profile pic

And while the official Toronto Symphony announcement is still to come I already have some news to share.

On the Florida tour, Jeff Melanson told me that the Toronto Symphony are about to announce a substantial commitment to Canadian music, in commemoration of the Sesquicentennial:

  • the commissioning of new compositions
  • the recording and dissemination of those compositions

The details will be announced February 3rd.

We can never know about the days to come. But we think about them anyway.

Perhaps these will be the good old days.

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