Balancing on the Edge

New circus and new music collide in boundary pushing, radical circus performances featuring special guest, DJ P-Love from New York. Co-produced in association with Harbourfront Centre Theatre by Thin Edge New Music Collective and A Girl in the Sky productions. Six collaborative new works interpret what it means to be “balancing on the edge.”

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Including Ghost Bicycle, a aerial and dance piece created by Rebecca Devi Leonard and Natasha Danchenko about the tragic death of dear friend who was killed while cycling and Ascension, an aerial ladder choreography developed by mothers and artists Angola Murdoch and Holly Treddenick who balance the demands of motherhood and the instability of life as a working artist.

The synthesis of new music and new circus was inspired by an encounter where the producers of each discipline: new music and new circus saw the creative work of the other for the first time and fell in love with the risk and passion being collectively expressed.   It sparked recognition that these boundary pushing forms were the perfect vessel to hold the transformative stories that are part of the human experience and provoke questions we don’t always have the answers to. Like the big life questions of what happens when we die? How do we cope? Are we alone? How can we connect in a world of technology?  Where do we belong?


Featuring: One aerial bicycle. Two world premieres created collaboratively by ground-breaking composers working with virtuosic circus creators. Six physical poems on motherhood, tectonic plates, bicycle accidents, communication, helping hands and deconstructing social formulas underpinned and conversing with boundary pushing contemporary compositions played live by TENMC musicians. Thirty Seven Toronto artists perform energetic journeys of sound exploration on turntable, grand piano, string quartet, saxophone/bass clarinet, voice, live electronics and a battery of percussion instruments while breathtaking high-flying circus artists dance on floating rocks, ladders & bicycles in columns of light against arresting images. Don’t miss this awe-inspiring cast of international performers supported by OAC, CCA, TAC & Array Space. Compositions: David Lang, Nicole Lizee, Xenakis, and John Cage. Premieres: Scott Rubin and Nick Storring.


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November 18         12:30 PM – School Performance
November 18           8:00 PM – World Premiere
November 19           2:00 PM – Matinee
November 19           8:00 PM – Closing Night

Balancing on the Edge


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