Han-Na Chang, Javier Perianes: photos from Nick Wons

I have these three great pictures from Nick Wons to add to yesterday’s review of the Toronto Symphony conducted by Han-Na Chang, I figured I’d simply post them this way, which gives them–and him– a bit more oomph, some extra profile via Social Media.  One can be so absorbed in the music that one misses the visual beauty in the performances.

These photos are art.

Han-Ha Chang conducts Mahler_3 (@Nick Wons)

Han-Na Chang conducts Mahler’s 5th (photo: Nick Wons)

Both photos suggest joy verging on ecstasy in Chang’s conducting.  But a still photo can’t show her remarkably active style, part dancer, part inspirational leader.

Javier Perianes bowing (@Nick Wons)

Pianist Javier Perianes bowing (photo: Nick Wons)

Again, this is a great close-up look at our piano soloist, who played with a posture that might remind you of Glenn Gould, his energy directed into the piano: so that once he started playing, his face and body turned away from us a bit like Van Morrison.

But the music came out!

I think the humility you see in his face as he bows is totally genuine.

Han-Ha Chang conducts Mahler (@Nick Wons)

Han-Ha Chang directing the TSO last night (photo: Nick Wons)

The concert repeats Thursday night at Roy Thomson Hall. I’d go again if I could.

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2 Responses to Han-Na Chang, Javier Perianes: photos from Nick Wons

  1. Nick Wons says:

    Thank you so very very much for the kind words, it really means a lot to me. This performance was one of my favorites for sure, the energy was amazing and I would certainly come back to check it out again.

    Thanks again, and have a fabulous day and week!


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