Barbara Hannigan on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tonight I’ll be listening to the Toronto Symphony celebrate the day under the leadership of Barbara Hannigan, who will also be singing.

reszied_Barbara Hannigan Sings & Conducts (@Jag Gundu)_1

Soprano Barbara Hannigan, singing & conducting the Toronto Symphony. (photo: Jag Gundu)

Here’s the program:

Debussy: Syrinx for solo flute [3′]
Sibelius: Luonnotar for Soprano and Orchestra [10′]
Haydn: Symphony No. 86 [26′]


Berg: Suite from Lulu [32′]
Gershwin/arr. Bill Elliot: Suite from Girl Crazy [13′]

Has anyone ever conducted the Berg suite from Lulu, who has also SUNG the title role in the opera?? That’s quite a unique feat, when you recall how few women conductors there are.
I wonder, has anyone before Hannigan ever sung Luonnotar and conducted it as well? It’s all in the service of art, not to just be the first. But in passing one can’t help noticing that she is indeed a setter of precedents.
We’re on two sides of Valentine’s Day with the Berg & the Gershwin.  Berg in some ways is very true to the real St Valentine, if we think of the martyrdom and violence in his life story.
And if that’s too crazy for you, Gershwin lets us off easy to end the evening.
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