In the mail

I just received a mail package containing a recording from an artist.

It was mailed April 7th, with a covering letter inside dated April 6th. It was coming from a city that is about an hour away on the QEW, yet it took three weeks to get here.


I expect that there are other packages still on their way, still taking their time getting through the mail, given that I was promised other deliveries that have yet to materialize.

A Canada Post rep said the following in an email I read last week:

Canada Post is working hard to respond to a significant increase in parcel volumes, putting the safety of our people, and our customers, first. Significant increases in parcel volumes, combined with important safety measures like physical distancing in our plants, means it is taking longer to process than usual.

I am not posting this to complain. Nope.

But we do live in interesting times. Mail has become a life-line of sorts. Parcels may contain essentials such as personal protective equipment. Or they contain online purchases for a population suddenly requiring diversion. I’m sure Amazon is doing very well right now, when so many businesses have been forced to close down due to the pandemic.

It’s a reminder, though. What’s good news for one person may be bad news for someone else.  And the times they are a-changing.

Canada Post press releases.

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2 Responses to In the mail

  1. Edward Brain says:

    This just demonstrates how important Canada Post still is.

    • barczablog says:

      I agree.

      Times have changed. Canada Post’s lettermail volumes may be way down but there’s a new type of customer buying & shipping parcels online. It’s a disaster for store-owners if they can’t sell in the virtual world. But it’s good times for the online vendors especially Amazon. And Canada Post are once again playing a key role.

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