Mad Pupparazzo

I follow her around with my phone, taking pictures not so much a paparazzo as a pupparazzo.

Samantha (SAM for short) seems to like the attention.

“Hey Sam wanna take a selfie..??”

The pictures? It’s simply that she’s irresistible. I want to capture those beautiful moments.

Sam is very photogenic, notwithstanding the big lump in her left thigh.

It may be cancer, but she is 13 years old. We feed her and do our best to make her life enjoyable.

A friend has suggested that maybe she is a Norwegian Buhund. We don’t know, as she’s a rescue, and we’re the third owner. At this point –to be honest– she really owns us.

And that’s okay.

And the way she looks at the camera I think she likes the attention.

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