We Interrupt This Program: A Conversation with Amplified Opera

The co-founders of Amplified Opera invite you to join them in conversation as they discuss their organization, their new appointment as Disruptor-in-Residence at the Canadian Opera Company, the complexities of the opera industry, and their views on the role the arts play in broader national conversations.

JHI Faculty Research Fellow Caryl Clark (she/her) facilitates this discussion between performers and creators Asitha Tennekoon (he/him), Marion Newman (she/her), and Teiya Kasahara 笠原 貞野 (they/them), and stage director Aria Umezawa (she/her) as they explore what it means to use art as a catalyst for uncomfortable conversations.

Wednesday 10 March 2021, 1-3pm

This event is free and open to all

Register via Zoom:


recent podcast interview: https://soundcloud.com/elmntfm

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