A Tafelmusik Tribute to Jeanne Lamon

Tonight I watched a Tafelmusik concert recorded in April, celebrating the life of Jeanne Lamon.

I knew the curated experience from Alison Mackay and Christina Mahler would be meaningful, and they exceeded expectation.

Curators Alison Mackay and Christina Mahler, accepting applause afterwards

R.H. Thomson narrated a kind of documentary of the life and times of Jeanne Lamon’s spirit: as embodied in Tafelmusik and their baroque music. Lamon’s life story is almost indistinguishable from the life story of the orchestra, given her role in its founding and ongoing life, their decades long relationship.

Narrator R.H. Thomson

But we were watching a kind of memorial service, testimonials and eulogies offered on the instruments of their orchestra and the voices of their choir.

Jeanne Lamon (photo: Sian Richards)

Their was a great deal of joyful energy but at times we saw sorrowful faces reflecting the passing of their leader, mentor and friend. We heard reflections on the extraordinary manner in which she led and shared leadership of the orchestra, with Ivars Taurins, with Bruno Weil, with Opera Atelier.

Ivars Taurins, conducting the Tafelmusik chamber choir

There were choral pieces led by Ivars Taurins, including some lovely solos from baritone Brett Polegato, although most of the music was orchestral music of the baroque, led by Julia Wedman’s enthusiastic presence on violin.

Julia Wedman, leading the orchestra

I’ve often resisted the virtual concert, seeking something authentic, however this concert satisfies completely: because of the emotions in play. It’s not just another concert. Film-maker Barbara Willis Sweete has accomplished something miraculous, the variety of camera angles feeling organic and unforced, the sound wonderfully alive.

I’m looking forward to watching it again. For further information.

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2 Responses to A Tafelmusik Tribute to Jeanne Lamon

  1. Richard Myron says:

    The faces tell the story—A part of her spirit will stay with all of us who were lucky enough to work with her! Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit…..love to all from Paris.

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