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Muse of Fire

When the Prologue to Henry V confronts us with the limitations of the medium, inviting the audience to employ their “imaginary forces,” because it is our “thoughts that now must deck [their] kings” we are encountering yet another part of … Continue reading

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Linda and the jokes we don’t get

I am going to talk about one of Linda Hutcheon’s ideas. Ever notice that some jokes make you laugh, and some don’t?  Of course you do.  You probably would say it’s because some jokes are good and some are bad.  … Continue reading

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Mamma Mia! from Glee Across the Universe to Rock of Ages

That was not an attempt to jam as many titles into one sentence as possible.  Okay, maybe I was playing a bit but that’s not all I was attempting… I am sitting watching Glee as I write this.  When the … Continue reading

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