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Donald Trump: crossover artist

What is the rationale behind crossover and why is it attractive? Sometimes it’s an escape, no longer being required to follow the rules of your old realm, as you visit a new one. Sometimes it’s the insight, the expertise in … Continue reading

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My Person of the Year

I added “my” to the headline because otherwise a reader would assume I’m referencing the annual feature in Time Magazine. Given the usual content in this space you might expect me to pick a composer or a performer.  Pollyanna will … Continue reading

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Thinking about snobs, with Baz Luhrmann and Jay Gatsby

I’m thinking about two competing narratives lately, as I alluded at the beginning of my review of Singing the Earth.  Is transcendent activism possible? Nelson Mandela seems to say yes.  Rob Ford would agree, although he sees himself as an … Continue reading

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