5 for Halloween

It’s October 31st, a date that, depending on your context, could mean

  • an occasion to dress up
  • an occasion to pig out
  • an occasion to be outrageous

Some people do that every day of the year, and I won’t deny that I am envious.

In the meantime (as I await the arrival of this year’s wild horde at the door), and in the spirit of the day, I present you with five samples that each in their way have something to say about the day and its attractions.

1)From Marschner’s Der Vampyr 

2) From Weber’s Der Freischütz, excitementbuilding gradually to the end 

3) From Bernard Herrmann’s music from Psycho

4) From Bernard Herrmann’s music at the beginning of The Day The Earth Stood Still 

5) Mysterious masquerade during Eyes Wide Shut


Composer Heinrich Marschner

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