Songs in the key of F Mayor

Meaning is where you find it.

Toronto’s mayor is bigger than ever.  He was always large, but now he’s becoming an international icon.  If he wanted it, I’m sure a reality TV show could follow His Worship and his brother around town.  The talk shows are waiting for him if he’s willing to go there.

And the whole time it appears that support for our mayor is growing.  No wonder, when the chief issue is not finances or gravy or libraries, but Ford himself.  He is the biggest issue. All the others who would run define themselves by him.

In the meantime I’m seeking solace in various pieces of music, presented herewith as a kind of therapy.  Can music help?  I got the idea from John Terauds of  If you’re anything like me, you’ve had enough headlines & humour. The joke’s on us.
I present these examples without prejudice, and in each case, with a title that I hope connects it to current events.


“But who are you, actually?” 

This is a longer segment from Verdi’s Otello, directed in his usual over-the-top way by Franco Zeffirelli.  Cassio leers after Desdemona.  Otello sees it and so does Iago.  So let’s have a drinking song, some drink, and poor Cassio gets drunk. Before you know it everyone is laughing at him.  He’s set up by Roderigo & Iago. Moments later –after the foolish fight—Otello comes out angrily, demoting Cassio.

“Drink & reputation go hand in hand.” 

“A bully” 

“And the bullied.”

Thank you Adams, Beethoven and Verdi three times.

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