How it Storms: an Opera by Allen Cole on June 17 & 18

How it Storms

The Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave.
2nd floor, Toronto, ON M6J 3W3

advance tickets can be purchased at:

TOMORROW (Wednesday) and Thursday
June 17 and 18 @ 8PM; $15

It is better to blaze up, even for a moment, than to smolder forever with desire.

A co-production between The Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan and Arraymusic

An Opera:

Music by Allen Cole

Libretto by Maristella Roca

Visuals by Rick Sacks

How It Storms taps into the mythologies and allegories that define the human condition. Cole and Roca have infused beauty and poignancy in the flawed and the fallible. The Evergreen Club performs Coles music with:

Molly and the doe: Claire de Sévigné – soprano
Coco: Danielle MacMillan- mezzo
The Beggar and the stag: Chris Mayell – tenor
Pascal: Keith O’Brien – baritone

With the Evergreen Club Contemporary GamelanIt is a great pleasure to again support the work of Allen Cole. How it Storms is a sophisticated work of depth and beauty that challenges the way we view myth, allegory and their relationship to contemporary society. In theatre terms our production is a semi-staged reading. It is our hope that you enjoy the performance and stay to give us feedback in support of the continued development of this exquisite work. Arraymusic thanks the Evergreen Club, Maristella Roca and Allen Cole for bringing this production to the Array Space. – Rick Sacks


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