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CASP: The Living Spectacle

(The) Canadian Art Song Project aim to explore the art song in all its manifestations.  Tonight CASP took a bold new step in the first in a new series of recitals.  “The Living Spectacle”, the first work on tonight’s program, … Continue reading

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Mr Turner: painter, paintings, movie

There is a scene in the first half hour of Mike Leigh’s recent film Mr Turner, juxtaposing the creative ambitions of amateurs and professionals. We see Timothy Spall as Turner, greeting a noble on his estate. Another person –likely another … Continue reading

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Sondra Radvanovsky in recital Dec 4th

“INHERITOR TO CALLAS”: FROM MET TRIUMPH TO KOERNER HALL! SOPRANO SONDRA RADVANOVSKY IN RECITAL A SHOW ONE PRESENTATION, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 “Stupendous”… “flawless…technical command”… a true inheritor to the Callas approach” – New York Times WITH ANTHONY MANOLI, PIANO The … Continue reading

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13 ways of looking at Pyramus and Thisbe

If a scientist could slice up love and loss into small specimens and put them onto slides and put them under a microscope it would resemble what we saw at the Four Seasons Centre tonight and in earlier performances from … Continue reading

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Hart House Hamlet

I’ve been going to Hart House Theatre for a very long time, going back to my own participation as an undergrad in another century, a place for ambitious productions, a less-than-ideal space built in a lovely old building full of … Continue reading

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Honeymoon or Shotgun Wedding?

If you are a Torontonian, no one can rain on this parade. The swearing in of the Trudeau Cabinet had the kind of breathless following of a Royal Wedding. Can you say “honeymoon”? Don’t get me wrong.  I was in … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Matthew Jocelyn

If you were to read Matthew Jocelyn’s biography on the Canadian Stage website you might be surprised. Originally from Toronto and later based in France, Jocelyn is an internationally acclaimed producer and director of theatre, dance and opera as well … Continue reading

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Mezzo madness at the COC Ensemble Studio Competition

Centre Stage 2015, the Canadian Opera Company’s ensemble competition gala, was a celebration of Canada & Canadian talent. Co-hosted by two former winners, we were treated to both official languages, thanks to Karine Boucher’s exquisite French pronunciation as a charming … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Dan Mousseau: Hamlet

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Mousseau at Ryerson Theatre School, a remarkable training ground for many of the best actors in this country. You can surmise his range from the fact he’s been cast as both John in … Continue reading

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Psycho and the art of horror with the Toronto Symphony

For Halloween the Toronto Symphony presented their latest film with a live accompaniment, namely Psycho. A film buff might call it “Hitchcock’s Psycho.“ A film-music buff might prefer “Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho” which is closer to how I see it. Without … Continue reading

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