Arthur Wenk and Story Cartel

Have you ever heard of The Story Cartel? It’s a new way of promoting books.

Here’s how they explain it:

The books you see on Story Cartel are all free in exchange for your honest review. Discover your next favorite book and support the community of authors.

wenk_bookThe download period is limited, so you only have access for a limited time.  It’s new to me, but they’re coming up to their fifth anniversary. As they say

Since October 2012, 50750 people have downloaded 103817 books, helping 2078 authors get reviews.

The concept was brought to my attention by Arthur Wenk, an impressive organist I first met when I was a tenor soloist, and his page-turner at his church in the 1990s, and later stumbling upon him via the shelves of the Edward Johnson Building’s music library.  Wenk happens to be one of the important authorities on Claude Debussy, known for such books as Claude Debussy and the Poets, an inter-disciplinary study decades ahead of its time.

His latest book, A Brief History of Classical Music:  A Tale of Time, Tonality and Timbre, is available free of charge via download at Story Cartel until the end of July.

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