Adizokan images

I’m adding a bit to what I posted last night.

Adizokan_TSO (@Jag Gundu)

 with Nelson Tagoona in the red shirt and a tiny bit of conductor Gary Kulesha. 

I can’t deny that my understanding of Adizokan is only partial.  I wanted to mention the dancers, namely Eddie Elliott, Lonii Garnons-Williams, Julie Pham, and Jera Wolfe, plus Michel Muniidobenese  Bruyere, who was both a dancer as well as a musician last night.

As with the Seven Deadly Sins a few months ago, the front of the stage became the space for dance, with the orchestra working upstage.

Adizokan_TSO 2 (@Jag Gundu)

@JagGunduPhoto again. The acrobatic moments were so lightning fast they couldn’t be captured. Here’s a moment of lyrical tranquility.

I hear from the TSO that this performance may eventually be available on their youtube channel.

Nelson Tagoona, Gary Kulesha (@Jag Gundu)

Nelson Tagoona, Gary Kulesha @JagGunduPhoto

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