Barbecue genius @ The Kingston Social

I’m a bit looped, after eating an amazing meal.

It’s from The Kingston Social, a place here in the east end of Toronto.

One gets the menu a few days in advance, then places orders.  And one then picks up amazing cuisine.

Erika ordered this a few days ago, seeking to replicate something from earlier this summer. When she’s this certain? I don’t argue.

“Sure, order one for me too.”


Ribs on top of a layer of rice & beans. The bigger container is the extra slaw for $3

So the dinner was ribs on a bed of rice & beans, with a slaw for $20 plus an extra side of slaw for $3 for us to share.

Speaking as a big eater, I barely managed to finish, and I am thrilled. I accompanied the ribs & slaw & rice/beans with Konzelmann Shiraz.

I am on my third glass –don’t worry mom I won’t drive anywhere – as I try to capture the experience.

The camera is invaluable for this.  Notice how much you get (above picture).  Notice how dry the ribs are in this picture.


If I could somehow photograph my insides, I’d show you how amazing I feel. This isn’t like any ribs I’ve ever eaten. They’re clean & dry, with subtlety & spice.

We can’t be a sad deprived wasteland, not if it was a friend in the west end who told me about The Kingston Social. Previously at their recommendation I had tried the lamb shank & had a lovely barbecued salmon. Today took it to a higher level.

Sigh. Scarberia no longer.

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1 Response to Barbecue genius @ The Kingston Social

  1. Gail Rayment says:

    Looks amazing. Just along from where we used to live in the upper Beaches. Wish we’d had a place like that twenty years ago.

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