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Seraphia in Scarborough

I’m ridiculously late, overdue writing about Seraphia, the gourmet shop in Scarborough that has been as essential to me as my left hand. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so slow to write, clearly taking them for granted. Peter Captsis is … Continue reading

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Animals in the neighbourhood

Some things are very consistent, the same every year. That doesn’t mean that people notice, of course. When one has nowhere else to turn, there’s always the sky & the planet we inhabit. The manifestations of our celestial journey, the … Continue reading

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Barbecue genius @ The Kingston Social

I’m a bit looped, after eating an amazing meal. It’s from The Kingston Social, a place here in the east end of Toronto. One gets the menu a few days in advance, then places orders.  And one then picks up … Continue reading

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If you build it will they come…?

Tonight I saw the opening of Guild Festival Theatre, an ambitious company taking the stage in The Greek Theatre in Guildwood Park. This is the former site of the Guild Inn,  in Guildwood Village.  There really was a “guild” at … Continue reading

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