Cakes and champagne

She’s not an energizer bunny, but she is still going. My mother has passed her 100th birthday.

She received a letter from Queen Elizabeth, congratulating Katherine on the milestone. Let that be an incentive to you, that you might live to see your own letter from the Queen, congratulating you on your longevity.

The Queen was born April 21st 1926, so she is only 95 at this time.

My nephew Peter Bodrogi cleverly suggested returning the favour, that when the Queen turns 100 my mom should send a birthday card to her. She agrees, so if my mom is still here she will do it. I’m happy to help.

But first she has to survive the rigors of all the people wanting to congratulate her. On her birthday naturally she was toasted with champagne while we all ate birthday cake. The Wednesday before, she was feted by her grandchild Zoe (via smartphone) and Zoe’s mom, hoisting more glasses of bubbly. And there have been additional visits & toasts, lots of bubbles and songs in several languages, including English.

A few days ago (this past week, but after the birthday) I took my mom to a dental hygiene appointment.

With the teeth cleaned & pronounced healthy, what does one do, if not go buy something sweet to keep the dentist in business? And so, afterwards I was instructed to visit Ararat International Fine Foods, a delicatessen across the street from her dentist. My mom wanted me to pick up marzipan as thank you gifts for us, her kids.

When I got there, I mentioned to the proprietors that my mom was in the car outside, a regular customer who had turned 100 last week.

When they went to look in my car, they took her a coffee + a birthday gift.

I remember them when they were younger, when I was younger.

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know their names. But they’re a lovely family run business that I recall from my childhood in the neighbourhood, on Avenue Road north of Lawrence Ave.

The Mozartkugeln are the gift from Ararat’s kind owners. There’s a bar of marzipan covered in chocolate for each of the kids (aka my siblings) above left.

And next week I have an anniversary of my own that I’m planning to celebrate with her, because it happens to be a day when I’m taking her lunch.

I’ll bring something sweet and something bubbly.

My mom on her 100th (photo: Constance Adorno Barcza)
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8 Responses to Cakes and champagne

  1. anncoopergay says:

    A beautiful remembrance of a beautiful day celebrating a beautiful lady!!! She is a love!!

  2. Suzanne Barcza says:

    She’s still gorgeous. Her sense of humour and charm are also ageless, still in her eyes and smile. Happy Birthday and every day, Kati Neni!

  3. Judith says:

    Kati: Happy Birthday on this momentous occasion. Much happiness with your family; Continuing Good Health!
    Judith Lipmanson and the Klaus family in the U.S.

  4. kathy Wiseman says:

    Kathy Klaus Wiseman writing to wish Kati a glorious birthday. I loved meeting her on my trip to meet the family and her loving warm ways have left a wonderful impression. Much joy on this wonderful occasion. I am now living in Santa Fe and would love a visit from anyone who is coming out this way.

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