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AMPLIFIED OPERA @ birth: The Way I See It 

I was among the audience present at the Ernest Balmer Studio for the birth of Amplified Opera, the brain-child of Teiya Kasahara & Aria Umezawa, in the first of three different programs to launch a new opera company. Directed by … Continue reading

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Not quite forgotten: Liszt’s Valses oubliées

The composer centennials & bicentennials may be artificial stimuli to research, but the effect is real. Knowing that everyone is suddenly focusing upon a particular period seems to inspire all sorts of interesting studies, conferences where people share their research … Continue reading

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Pain in the neck

What is dignity if not a kind of self-respect.  You notice it most when it’s not there, perhaps taking it for granted otherwise. I got my hair cut on the way to a concert. In passing I want to make … Continue reading

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Maleficent’s traumas

Spoiler alert: this discussion requires me to give away a bunch of plot points, so if you haven’t seen this film & want to, don’t read this OR don’t complain if I give it all away.   (OH AND YOU … Continue reading

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