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Dr Ryhana Dawood’s Martial Smarts: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL

The words on the poster caught my eye. “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL”, all in capitals. When I inquired further I discovered Martial Smarts and then its founder Dr Ryhana Dawood: a strong advocate for women’s health and female empowerment through self-defense. … Continue reading

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Penalty balks

We often hear about the beauty of sports, that soccer –aka “football” to most of the world– is “the beautiful game”.  The aesthetic pleasures found in sports vary of course.  Winning really helps, don’t you find? When you lose, things … Continue reading

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The New York City Opera is bankrupt. The GOP has put their foot down, so it’s not clear whether the USA is even open for business.  But that’s nothing.  Let’s talk about something really important. Hockey is showing signs that … Continue reading

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If you were to ask a Canadian to name the best hockey film, they’d have a fairly short list to work with.  Where baseball has generated a fairly long list of films, some sentimental, some colourful, portraying various aspects of … Continue reading

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There’s a first time for everything.  I visited the Air Canada Centre for the first time today.  I’ve only seen the Maple Leafs at Maple Leafs Gardens.  In most cities where the “new” arena opened in the last millennium, one … Continue reading

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Madman in My Family

No this isn’t an exposé (in case anyone in my family saw the title).  Nor is it a confessional, although I am talking about myself.  I might be a bit whimsical in my use of the word “Madman,” still in … Continue reading

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In our closet, Freddie Mercury

Are Don Cherry and Ron McLean hard of hearing? When –on Hockey Night in Canada– McLean interviews Cherry in the segments known as “Coach’s Corner” the entire conversation is loud.  While they claim to be friends they seem to be … Continue reading

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