April Fundraising Concert

From Vasilisa Atanackovic:


I am having a fundraising concert on Saturday, April 2 to raise money for my performance journeys in Italy through to New York.

I have been given the lead roles in two musical productions in Sicily this summer with mentors, conductors, and professors from the Metropolitan Opera, the Yale School of Drama, and the Teatro Alla Scala. This is a 2 part performance experience, with the first being in Sicily for 2 months (July and August), and the second being in New York starting September of this year.

The concert will take place at The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts (126 James St. S) at 7 pm. It will feature a variety of talented and successful vocal artists and styles including: classical voice, musical theatre, pop, and jazz!

Tickets are 20$ each, and anyone can purchase a ticket by emailing me at: Vasilisa5@hotmail.com .

Thank you



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