Colourful Kensington

Late this afternoon, hungrier than I’d expected to be, I found myself at the corner of Oxford & Augusta.

The Morrocan Stew I consumed at Urban Herbivore left me full.  That should have been enough.


But then I noticed the new place across the way.


And I knew I wasn’t 100% full, or at least that there was room for something more.

Hm…. grk ygrt as in “Greek Yoghurt”?

I didn’t read the menu so much as dream aloud.  “Do you have something combining almond butter and banana?”

And my eyes wandered to the signage, as I heard words confirming my wishes…

And i heard her mention chocolate…(!)


Of course I had to try it.


This little write-up can’t possibly capture the experience of eating, but at the very least I can show you some pictures.  Look for the dazzling colours painted onto the stairs.


It tastes as good as it looks.

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3 Responses to Colourful Kensington

  1. Good thing I have eaten 🙂 very appetising 🙂 enjoy your weekend

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