Boheme to close the deal

It’s that time of year when one considers renewing the opera subscription. Oh don’t get me wrong, I was going to renew it anyway.

But the comment from the Mrs today was electric. She’s so glad to know that we’re renewing our subscription to the Canadian Opera Company. Because she liked the show and so did I.  It’s great to feel connected.

Everything seems to have come together since opening night. All four of the principals (Blue, Chuchman, Meachem & Ayan) were good tonight, the smaller parts superb, and the chorus were strong in Acts II & III.


(l-r) Lucas Meachem, Angel Blue (background), Atalla Ayan (photo: Michael Cooper)

It was interesting to be sitting there recalling Moonstruck in Act III, and feeling connected to someone I’ve been with since that was a new movie playing in the theatres.  Yes that was decades ago.

But we’re confirmed Puccini lovers, looking forward to seeing Turandot next season.
I cried in places I haven’t cried before. The crying is very cathartic, not always a heart-break thing.

Do you like to cry sometimes? It’s really a terrific release. And there are places we laugh too. Boheme is a mix of comedy & sadness at the end. I’m not going to call it tragedy.

The COC’s La Boheme continues at the Four Seasons Centre until May 22nd.

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